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Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking: Missile Attacks

If anyone was hoping for a calmer more peaceful decade, then surely by now they are disappointed. With just a few days into 2020,...

Historically Speaking: Historical Christmas II

Christmas is the time of year when everyone seems a little happier and are a little nicer to each other. It is when we...

Historically Speaking: Whistleblowing

As surprising as this may sound, presidents behaving badly is not new. President Trump is just the latest. Politicians have been skirting the law...

Historically Speaking: Historical forgiveness

For me Heaven will not be Heaven unless there is a history symposium at least once a week. For this week’s symposium they are...

Historically Speaking: Public Virtue

The men who gathered in that blistering humid room in Philadelphia in 1787 to create our governing document did not represent a cross section...

Historically Speaking: Student loans

One of the big issues in politics right now is cost of college and student debt. Among the Democrats running for president, some are...

Historically Speaking: Dictatorship

I recently saw a post on social media asking why conservatives are so concerned with socialism when what they should be concerned about is...

Historically Speaking: Camp David Summit

One of the biggest recent news stories is Trump’s cancellation of a surprise summit with Taliban leaders and the Afghanistan president at Camp David....

Historically Speaking: Electoral College

There has been a lot of talk lately about the Electoral College. If you read social media, you will see many opinions on why...

Historically Speaking: Mass Shootings

I can still remember the day in 1999 when two students entered Columbine High School and killed twelve fellow students and one teacher. I...