Carthage Area receives Award of Excellence for inaugural Five Card Christmas Challenge


The Award of Excellence was given to the Carthage Area due to their overwhelming response to the first ever Five Card Christmas Challenge.

Area Representative Coleen Anderson accepted the award this week on behalf of the Carthage area. She was proud to report when the challenge was given, both the Maple Leaf Garden and Carthage Senior Citizens not only accepted the challenge, but answered it in a huge way – earning them the Award of Excellence for the 2018 year.

What is the Five Card Christmas Challenge? It is simple. The Challenge only runs for five days. Generally, December 6-10 thereabouts. Groups challenge each other to see how many Christmas cards their group can gather to send to soldiers (past and present). The general request is each person provide five cards to the group. The reason it is only five is that five cards are not time consuming and very doable, but yet with a group can produce (as in this case) hundreds of cards to be given out to military heroes. 


This year was the first year spread only by word of mouth and the response was amazing. Next year, it is our hope the schools, various businesses, and organizations will challenge each other for an even better year next year – however – as it stands – Carthage is the title winners for this year – Now who will answer the call next year? Will they win again?


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