artNotes from Hyde House: artCamp 2019 – Week Two Classes

With April Davis-Brunner, second from left, artCampers learn to paint Winged Forest Friends.

Walk through the summery green front door of artCentral at Hyde House, and what do you see? There is lovely natural light pouring in through the expansive, undraped windows. There are the simple, arts-and-crafts white staircase rungs marching up to the second floor.

Enter this historic four square farmhouse at 1110 East Thirteenth Street in Carthage and you see the welcoming foyer filled with selections from artCentral’s Annual Membership Exhibition on view in June (during weekend gallery hours Friday and Saturday, 12:00-5:00 p.m., and Sunday, 1:00-5:00 p.m.) and through July by appointment.

Throughout all the galleries downstairs and upstairs the vibrant works of forty-three artCentral artists are waiting for your viewing pleasure. You can preview the entire exhibition in the photo album on artCentral’s Facebook page at Take a look online then come delight and marvel at the wealth of talent shining through all the wondrous works of art in this exceptionally strong collection.

When you do arrive, before you leave the foyer to wander through the house exhibition, pause to take in the wondrous art created by artCamp’s instructors. Yes, they’ve created delightful samples of their class projects and these are all on display. They are fun! They are colorful! They are creative inspirations for all the aspiring young artists, ages 8-14, who will become artCampers during artCamp’s two weeks, July 8-12 and July 15-19, 2019, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


You can register your artCamper at Hyde House. Curriculum and registration forms may also be picked up at Carthage venues including Cherry’s Art Emporium, the Carthage Public Library, KOKA Art Gallery, Mother Road Coffee, the Palms Massage and Day Spa and the Carthage Deli and in Joplin at Spiva Center for the Arts, Cleo’s Picture Framing and Design and Crackpot Pottery and Art Studio. Forms for artCamp are also available online at where you’ll find all the fun artCamp facts.

Here is a look at the choices for all Week Two Classes:

MONDAY, July 15:

PAINT BABY ANIMALS with April Davis-Brunner – Draw and acrylic paint your favorite baby. Bring a photo, if you want to.

HOGWARTS SCHOOL FANTASTIC BEASTS with Teri Y. Diggs – Create your own magical creatures with backstories and magical powers.

AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS with Cheryl Church – Learn about the art of the Aborigines and use sticks to dot paint aboriginal motifs.

THOR’S HAMMER with Sarah Serio – Are you a worthy creature to forge and lift Thor’s Hammer made big and strong from recycles?

TUESDAY, July 16:

I ♥ MANY KINDS OF ANIMALS! with Alexandra Burnside – Make a paper menagerie using lots of paper ♥’s and glitter, too!

PICTURE FRAMES with April Davis-Brunner – Use pretty embellishments to decorate a frame for your favorite pet photo.

FEATHER YOUR POCKET PURSE with Teri Y. Diggs – Upcycle a denim jeans pocket as a unique bag with embellishments.

FLY AWAY WITH GLASS BIRDS (Ages 10-14, campers wear closed toe shoes) with Jane McCaulley – Make a glass tree full of birds & a stand up bird!


PAPIER MACHE PIGGY BANKS with Alexandra Burnside – On a balloon mache your piggy fat and fun! Paint a face. Add a tail and ears.

AFRICAN TINGA TINGA with Cheryl Church – Learn Tinga history as you draw and vibrantly paint African Tinga animals.

PAINT WINGED FLYING FRIENDS with April Davis-Brunner – Using acrylics , paint a favorite—butterfly, eagle, owl—your choice on canvas.

HOGWARTS SCHOOL WIZARD WARES with Teri Y. Diggs – In this School of Wizardry you create quills, wands, parchment and butterbeer!

THURSDAY, July 18:

PAPER MOSAIC ANIMALS with Alexandra Burnside – Colorfully paint papers and cut them into shapes you assemble into animals!

PRETTY FLOWER POTS with April Davis-Brunner – Attach a pet photo and paint and decorate a pot then plant a posie.

ADVANCED ZENTANGLE with Teri Y. Diggs – With gobs and oodles of tangles and doodles you create unique animals.

FRIENDLY GLASS BUGS (Ages 10-14, campers wear closed toe shoes) with Jane McCaulley – Use different glasses and techniques to make a butterfly, a jar of lightning bugs and a dragonfly.

FRIDAY, July 19:                 

DOTTED DARLINGS with Alexandra Burnside – Draw and acrylic dot paint enchanting animal friends.

CREATE YOUR OWN JEWELRY with April Davis-Brunner – Sculpt beads and flowers and more for bracelets or earrings or a necklace!

RESIST ANIMALS! with Cheryl Church – Create several projects with resist painting techniques on tiles and paper.

CUSTOM ARMOR with Sarah Serio – Be prepared! Custom design your very own unique arm bracers and shields.

In their chosen classes, 2019 artCampers will experience the delight and satisfaction of creating individual art projects to keep and take home. Additionally, they will have an opportunity to exhibit their creations at the end of the last day of 2019 artCamp. An artCamper Exhibition and Reception will be held at Hyde House, Friday evening, July 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Family and friends are invited to celebrate the artCamper creations while they meet artCamp’s 2019 teachers and interns in artCentral’s Main Galleries.



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